Akeetoons Sdn Bhd is a Penang-based creative multimedia content developing company funded by MDEC, MSC Malaysia Our initial project is to develop an edutainment portal/e-magazine for the young. The objective is to stimulate and nurture creative thinking besides exploring young talents in cartooning, writing and producing creative contents.


Our Products:

  • Edutainment Portal: e-comic, e-cartooning, creative writing, video, audio, photo, forum etc.
  • Digital Art: cartoon, caricature, mascot and animation.
  • Mobitoons (mobile cartoons): cartoons via mobile phones.
  • E-Publishing: e-magazine, cd title, presentation, profile etc.
  • Advertising services


Why Akeetoons.com?

Kids and teenagers of today are under a lot of stress from achieving academic excellence. They need an edutainment channel to unwind and pick up useful knowledge or skills. Akeetoons.com will provide a platform for them to enhance their right brain development and to encourage creative thinking through e-cartooning modules, creative writing and creative digital content creation opportunities. There is a lack of local developed contents for addressing this issue here especially in cartooning techniques.


The Benefits/Values:

  • Many talented kids have the interest to create their own cartoon or comic but lack guidance from sources which is able to train and expose them to the correct techniques and skills required to be successful. Akeetoons.com will be a platform for them to excel and polish their skills in this area.
  • It will be able to help them to showcase their finished works and to gain vast exposure in public. They will also be rewarded if their works win prizes in competitions.
  • It will act as a basic nurturing ground to produce a pool of digital creative content developers in cartooning and animation so that our MSC agenda of CMCI will be a success when this industry booms in the future. This is in line with our nation’s Vision 2020 to produce more K-workers for K-economy.
  • It will promote and encourage creative thinking within the younger generation and the community in general so that innovative and brilliant ideas or inventions will spearhead our nation’s development in the near future.
  • All contents will be in non-violence, non-sexual, free from negative values i.e. discouraging smoking, gambling, vandalism etc. The works will be of educational, knowledgeable and of moral values which is compatible with our national education policy.
  • Participating activities in Akeetoons.com will be a good hobby for the younger generation. It will keep them away from bad influences and negative activities.


Management Expertise:

  • Mr Stanley Lim or better known as AKEE (pseudonym), the founder/CEO of Akeetoons.com is a cartoonist cum educationist who has been drawing cartoons and teaching art for more than 20 years. He possesses a Teaching Certificate from the Education Ministry of Malaysia, Diploma in Commercial Art and Diploma in Cartooning. His endless creativity and artistic mind has enhanced his skills in art and his works were exhibited in several exhibitions throughout the country and won several awards. For more details, kindly visit:  http://www.akee.active.ws   or http://akeetoons.blogspot.com .


  • Miss Wendy Chin, COO cum Editor of Akeetoons.com is an experienced ex-secondary school English teacher with 15 years of teaching experience. She has a degree in English Language and Literature Studies from USM, Penang.
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 Akee with Datuk Lat (2nd Left) at Cartoon Exhibition in Sabah Art Gallery    Datuk Seri Najib (Sport & Youth Minister in 1984), witnessing Akee's cartoon demonstration at Kedah State Art Gallery


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 The deceased "Bapa Kartunis Malaysia" Pak Rejabhad (Middle) visting Akee in the early 80's    Akee's Holiday cartooning course with the participants