The above scenario is commonly seen in today's scenario, not only in universities but across the education institutions in the country. Too much emphasis on academic subjects for examinations by parents and the education system today has resulted in a lack of appreciation and emphasis on creative development subjects such as Art and Music. Art lessons in schools have deteriorated due to insufficient qualified tutors and a lack of interest shown by the administrators and society in general. Many art colleges and institutes of higher learning (IHLs) teach fine art, graphic design, interior design etc. but none of them teach cartoon/comic seriously.


Cartoon is a medium by its own and is very popular and widely used in our daily life. This combination of drawing and words (creative writing) is an effective medium for expressing ideas. Cartoon has huge potentials in commercial, education, entertainment, politics etc. Besides cartoon/comic, other creative contents works like video, audio, photo etc. are being promoted in Akeetoons. Therefore, AKEETOONS will be a useful tool to encourage talents, educate and nurture budding artists or creative thinkers who, one day, will be the contributors and developers of our nation building.


With a nominal sponsored subscription fee, you will be contributing to the education and the betterment of a child or the whole family in bridging the education gaps between rural and urban communities. The sponsorship will be in the form of yearly subscription packages granted to the deserving young generations in urban and rural schools to enable them to access portal. In return for your sponsorship, you will gain free advertisement spaces in our portal and will have a wide CSR publicity to the general public.


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